Payroll Giovanni and Cardo dropped an outstanding project last year called Big Bossin Vol. 1. The MC and producer hope to replicate their success in 2017 with Big Bossin Vol. 2. To get the hype started for the sequel, Payroll has released a music video for the new track "Front Back."

The video is very simple with Payroll sitting on a sofa and spitting his raps. There's nothing fancy about this one as the Detroit rapper delivers his tales of the hustle over Cardo's fresh production.

“It go front, back, side to side/I used to break down crack and go dime for dime/Proving myself to these lames, I don’t got the time/Just know I been getting money, I ain’t go to rhyme/If I don’t know shit, I know how to hustle/Hit the door with lactose and make the money double/That’s my past life, had to get my cash right/Now these bitches wanna blow a nigga like a bag pipe,” Payroll raps.

If Big Bossin Vol. 1 and "Front Back' are any indication of what to expect on Vol. 2, fans should be getting another incredible project from the combination of Payroll and Cardo. If you still have not heard the duo's original collaboration, you need to change that as soon as possible. The project can be streamed and downloaded for free via DatPiff. And if you still feel like you need to hear more from Payroll, you can also check out his latest mixtape Sosa Dreamz.

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