Today (July 1), Payroll Giovanni delivers a new short film entitled, "Day in the Life." Throughout the 21-minute video, Payroll takes the viewer around his hometown of Detroit and debuts new music with the help of go-to producer, Cardo.

The clip's intro features Payroll waking up and getting ready for the day. He spits, "I wake up in the morning, check my missed calls/Got a fresh batch I'm tryna get this shit off/Hop in the shower then get dressed/Jump in the whip then I head to the West/Pull up on the set holla at my nigga June/He told me 'bout some shit that happened yesterday at noon/Some nigga got killed around the corner in his whip/So the whole hood hot, police on some bullshit."

The storyline stays consistent throughout the video's entirety -- when Payroll ends a verse, he begins a conversation with someone in his 'hood, picking up where he left off. The Doughboyz Cashout MC encounters a number of neighborhood characters and has a run-in with the cops. Be sure to watch until the very end, as the video offers a bit of a cliff-hanger.

In an e-mail exchange with XXL, Payroll explains his thought process behind the short film. Pay says, "Well, when I made the song, I just basically talked about an average weekend in Detroit during the summertime. In Detroit, if you in the streets, you paranoid, you might see something as a threat when it's really not that deep sometimes. That's mainly what the song is talking about, and in this video we're showing everything I'm talking about. I just wanted to do some 'streets is watching' Detroit type of shit."

According to Payroll, a bunch of new music with Cardo is on the horizon. Pay says, "And me and Cardo stay working like crazy. We could drop something new right now if we wanted to, but right, now we focusing on Big Bossin. But we do have a lot more projects together in the works coming soon."

In case you missed it, be sure to download Payroll and Cardo's recent mixtape, Big Bossin. The 18-track project is one of the dopest gangster rap projects in recent years: Payroll's charisma shines through, and Cardo's diverse sounds provide the perfect platform.

Keep it locked to XXL for more music and news from Payroll Giovanni.

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