Weeks ago, Detroit's own Payroll Giovanni of Doughboyz Cashout announced a new project called Big Bossin Vol. 1 produced entirely by Cardo. Now XXL has learned that it'll be dropping on iTunes next Friday, May 13, and fans will be happy to know the album is packed with 17 brand new tracks.

Cardo says the album is "one of a kind" and they've already started on a second installment before the first one has even hit the streets.

The two have worked together before, most notably on "Day Ones" from last year's BYLUG World tape. You can hear that track, which also features Compton mainstay YG, below.

Cardo also did production on Billboard Brothers, the outstanding album Payroll and Big Quis did together last year. Songs like "So Long," "Check My Resume" and "Forever" were originally made for Payroll and Cardo's collab album, but they decided to start fresh with Big Bossin Vol. 1 instead.

Doughboyz Cashout are some of the hardest rappers in the world right now, let alone Detroit, and Cardo is one of the most talented and diverse producers behind the boards these days, so we can't wait to hear what they've been cooking up. "We just tryna bring the groove back in place," Cardo tells XXL. "Too much shit sounding the same. We changing that."

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