Remy Ma is free after nearly six years behind bars, and her husband Papoose can finally sleep easy with his wife back at his side. Since the NYC hip-hop power couple married while Remy was locked up, it'll be the first time the two have been at home with their kids since their marriage in 2008. All through her bid, Pap held her down on the outside, even showing up on her scheduled release date of July 31 with a fleet of nice cars to pick her up from prison, only for a paperwork issue to delay Remy's release until the following day. With a few days at home with his wife under his belt, XXL spoke to Papoose about his initial reaction to Remy's release, the frustration of July 31 and what's next for the Bronx's queen MC. —Dan Rys

XXL: What was your first reaction when Remy finally walked out of jail?
Papoose: That's a good question, man. Smile, just a smile.

What was the first thing she said to you?
[Laughs] Hold on, let me get it right... When she walked out and first got in the car, the first thing she said was "Slow down." I was speeding. [Laughs]

What happened on the 31st when she was supposed to get out?
Yeah, it was a minor setback, some kind of confusion. But it all got clarified the following day and she was able to regain her freedom. But it was just a big confusion over there. You know, Remy's a celebrity, and sometimes people get overwhelmed with who she is, or the following she has, so they kind of fumbled the ball on the first day. But the second day, they got organized.

So you came back the second day by yourself?
The second day I came back with just the kids and one of my family members.

Had you been planning that day out for a while? Thinking about which car to bring, what to wear...
[Laughs] Yeah, we had it all mapped out. We had a crazy Barack Obama celebration. Everybody was out there, it was crazy. Everybody was just ready to celebrate, you know what I'm saying? People came from all over to celebrate, and we was all there excited, and they pulled a trick on us.

How frustrating was that when she didn't get out that first day?
It was frustrating, but I was in good spirits because I knew that this was the end, that there wouldn't be a longer wait. I knew she was gonna get out within the next couple days, so I wasn't too frustrated. I mean, I was annoyed by it, but I knew she was supposed to get out. Just watching through that six years she just did, six years of change, and knowing that her freedom was far down the line and years away; knowing that it was only days away was more of a relaxing feeling.

What was the toughest thing for you about the past six years?
Just watching her suffer.

How has it been readjusting to life while she's free?
It's been fun, man. It's been like heaven.

What's next for her now?
She's got big plans. I can't expose 'em, 'cause she might kill me. But yeah, she got big, big plans. She's focused, she's working hard. Eventually we will [collaborate], but right now she's focusing on what she has to do.

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