Drake has added another new artist to the OVO Sound roster. In a simple post on Instagram, Noah "40" Shebib" announced that the label has signed the mysterious dvsn.

Not much is known about the singer known as dvsn. He can be added to the long list of enigmatic artists who choose to remain faceless to the world upon their debut. The singer first entered the music zeitgeist when producer Nineteen85 debuted the song "The Line" during an episode of Beats 1's OVO Sound Radio that aired last October.

Since that high-profile debut, dvsn has released three songs through SoundCloud. As of now, those songs are all listeners know about dvsn. Speculation arose that dvsn was simply an alter-ego for Nineteen85. This was seemingly denied in an investigation by Noisey, which was informed by a source that they are two different artists. The same source said that Nineteen85 is definitely involved in dvsn's work.

Still, the level of involvement by Nineteen85 is quite murky. Noisey found that the same logo, a division sign, being used by dvsn was posted on Nineteen85's Instagram 26 months ago. That seems to be a large stretch to be written off as a coincidence.

While the "Hotline Bling" producer might not be the man singing on these songs, it is hard to believe that he is not orchestrating dvsn's ascent behind the scenes. OVO Sound bringing dvsn into the fold only further fuels those flames.

XXL will keep you posted as we learn more. For now, check out the only four songs dvsn has released so far below. "Too Deep" is definitely our personal favorite.

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