Most people love music, but it takes a certain kind of guts to pursue it. For Only One Felipe, a chance discussion with another rapper from his hometown of Stone Mountain, Ga. changed everything.

"I had a friend, his name is Nessly, we went to the same high school together," he tells XXL. "He brought the studio and stuff to my mom's crib." Felipe recorded his first song there and uploaded it to Facebook. The feedback kept him going, with his 2016 mixtape, A Eastside Story, and his 2017 follow-up, The Only One, showing that he really had bars. He never gave up, learning how to be an artist on the fly. "I love music in general," Felipe shares. "I just didn't know how to get into it."

Late last year, he released The Only One 2 project, which features "Pocket," his most popular song yet. Set to hit the road on the Young Nudy and Sahbabii tour and now a Republic Records signee (making Nessly his labelmate), there's plenty on Felipe's plate. With all that he's got in his line of sight, rapping is his priority. He shows off his skills in a new freestyle for XXL's What I Do series.

Early on, Felipe puts all of his enemies on notice. "Always flexin', I might never hit a gym again/Told the Lord, 'Please forgive me, I'm about to sin again'/But I'm finna win again, really that's synonym to my name, stupid bitch!/ Thats my favorite word for haters, say my name, stupid bitch," he rhymes. He's far from finished: "If I said it then I meant it, don't see nothin' but facts/And freestylin' don't pay, so I should shut up, fuck that." Felipe has bars to spare.

What's coming up for Only One Felipe? "Got a lot of music comin', a lot of videos comin', new everything," he reveals.

Keep your eyes peeled for what the Down South rhymer has on the way and check out his freestyle up top.

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