Don't call out the Based God unless you're ready to pay the price! Actor Omar Epps took a shot at Lil B on Twitter over the holiday weekend (July 2) and learned the hard way that when it comes to Twitter fingers, the Black Ken artist doesn't play. Epps, best known for his film roles in Juice, The Wood and Love & Basketball, was weighing in on Australian boxer Jeff Horn challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr. to a fight in the ring and used Lil B to draw a comparison.

"And Horn calling out Floyd is like Lil B calling out Kendrick to battle," wrote Omar. "Stop it mate."

Even though Epps didn't technically @ the Based God in his tweet, B was quick to catch wind of the insult to his rap skills and even quicker with a hilarious comeback clowning Epps.

"Ok look mr mike epps I'm a way better actor then urself and u hope what u said was a compliment.... also I no u Omar but u mike now - Lil B," the rapper wrote back.

With a powerful Internet fanbase like Lil B's, there was no way Omar Epps' mentions stood a chance. "Lil B should have been cast in Love and Basketball," one fan wrote back in response to the exchange. "It's all fun and games till he get cursed and never win any acting awards," another user warned Epps.

Epps might want to take heed to these warnings from Lil B's fans. The Cali trendsetter is known for cursing high profile athletes, most notably James Harden. Lil B put a hex on the Houston Rockets player back in 2015 for stealing his signature cooking dance and let's just say Harden hasn't has been at his best ever since. It was just last month that Lil B lifted his curse on Harden. Could Lil B curse the actor next?

Check out the random and ridiculous Twitter interaction below.

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