Offset may be an ascendant rap superstar, but he's still got time to take his daughter back-to-school shopping. Recently, the rapper, who operates as 1/3 of Migos, did just that when he traveled to New York City's Trico Field's children's clothing store to cop his little girl some fly back-to-school fits, and Hypebeast came along for the ride.

In the clip, the Georgia rapper accompanies his daughter as she walks about the store searching for some fly gear. Offset, who won the award for Best Dressed his senior year of high school and admits to having spent $100,000 in the Gucci store this year, helps his little girl out.

When Offset's not helping his daughter pick out clothes, he's giving a rundown on the evolution of his personal style, which he says was forged in high school. Back then, he claims, folks would hop on the cafeteria table and call you out if you walked into it rocking some fake Jordans.

"My style evolved a lot. I don't sag my pants like I used to," says Offset, who's killed plenty of features this year. "I used to not wear belts all the time. I wore belts—I tuck my shirt in more. Keep a clean look."

From the looks of things, it appears Offset's daughter's about to get pretty fly. While her father being the trendsetter he is probably means she'll be rocking a ton of stylish fits, Offset probably wants her to keep it real above all else.  “Keep it original, do what you like, do what you feel. Don’t let no one tell you you’re doing something wrong," he says toward the end of the interview.

Watch Offset shop with his daughter in the video below. Also, pray Culture 2 drops soon.

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