The Drake and Diddy "0-100" saga just turned into a head-scratcher. According to one of the producers of the popular instrumental, the Bad Boy CEO initially passed on the beat he reportedly swung on Drizzy over. As previously reported, Puff punched the OVO rapper back in December outside club LIV in Miami. After the squabble it was reported the beef was over the Grammy nominated track, which was given to Combs but used by the Young Money rapper before Puff could complete the song. Beat maker Frank Dukes recently weighed in on the issue and said it was of his belief Puff wasn't feeling the Boi-1da co-produced cut. "[The sample I created for '0-100'] was called something really generic and stupid, like 'Vibes' or something," Dukes recently told Noisey about concocting the hit. "Originally it was a three minute idea that had all these different parts and I didn't really write it with any intent of it being used for Drake or for anyone in particular. I just kinda wrote it and gave it to Boi-1da, who was in session at the time in Miami, this was with Diddy."

He continued, "This was like the whole controversy of the incident. From what I understand he made the beat on the spot, played it for Diddy and Diddy passed on it, he said it wasn't life changing enough and that was that. Then fast forward, '0 to 100' becomes this huge hit and then there's this weird…whatever happened there? I don't know, but as far as I understand that's how it went down."

So, if Diddy gave the beat a thumb's down at first, what made the fist-throwing difference when Drizzy hopped on the track. If what Dukes is saying is correct, it could be deeper than rap. Either way, no instrumental is worth beef with J. Prince.