Many artists have weighed in on Drake's "Duppy Freestyle," where he takes aim at Pusha-T. Now, we hear from King Push's own brother, No Malice.

On Sunday (May 27), the former Clipse member hopped on Instagram Live for one of his regular sessions with his supporters. Fielding queries from the gym, while working out on a treadmill, one of the first questions he was hit with was how he feels about Drizzy's diss song. "Hey man, I think it's great," he responded. "I think it's great for hip-hop. It's what y'all want, right?"

He was also asked about his feelings on Pusha using the controversial Whitney Houston bathroom photo for his album cover. "I think that's what Hollywood do, right?" he responded. "That's what Hollywood do. I wasn't in any shock and awe when I seen it. I didn't even know what it was to tell you the truth."

Later on, No Malice admitted that despite being on total opposite life paths than his brother, he can still somewhat respect his craft. "The artistry of my brother's work is amazing," he added. "Of course I don't agree with everything he is saying and all the messages, you know. But, he didn't make that album to lead people to the Lord."

Check out No Malice weigh in on Drake's "Duppy Freestyle" and more below.

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