Precious is one of the worst depictions of Black people I have ever seen in my life. I can't understand for the life of me why movies that show Black people in the worst possible light get critical acclaim. This movie does not empower, it doesn't enlighten, it doesn't uplift. In fact I left the movie theater feeling pissed off, angry, disgusted.

It disturbed me on so many levels because even if this movie is based on a true story, how about change the ending to show other young girls that are being abused, lack education, are obese and cosmetically challenged and, that despite the bullshit that life is throwing at them, can still come up. This movie went from Precious having an extremely fucked up life to having a horribly fucked up life. Is horribly fucked up any better than extremely fucked up? No, but for some reason people cheered when the movie was over.


SPOILER ALERT: The movie ends with Precious being 16 years old, HIV positive, in a halfway house with two kids from her father—one with down syndrome—still on welfare and reading at an 8th grade level. That's a happy ending? Really? That's something to give a standing ovation over?

I really believe people get a kick out of watching Black people's misery. I liken it to when lynching used to be a form of entertainment to White people. Now, I don't know who the primary audience is at Sundance and the Cannes Film Festival but I'm almost positive it's not us because I can't see any self-respecting Black person having anything good to say about this film.

I know people’s lives are fucked up. There's kids getting abused by their parents and suffering with HIV. Kids that are obese and ugly. Young girls who are raising kids with no support, but to see someone suffering with all of the above? At 16 years old? I'm not saying it can't happen I'm just saying I believe some things were sensationalized for book and movie purposes.

Another thing I noticed about the movie is that everybody who was White and light skin was some kind of angel, but the dark skin people in the movie were devils. Paula Patton's character, the teacher; Mariah Carey's character, the welfare agent, Lenny Kravitz, the nurse; Precious’ imaginary light skin boyfriend who she wanted to come rescue her from the bullshit were all depicted as the saviors of the world.

All the dark skin characters—her father, her mother, etc. were evil! Not to mention Precious looking in the mirror and envisioning herself as a White woman. Why a White woman? Even if she wanted to see herself as a beautiful, in shape woman, why did it have to be a White woman?

I'm not understanding the message director Lee Daniels was trying to get across. Of all the movies that Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey could have teamed up on to do; why this one? What about a James Brown or Jackie Robinson biopic, why this bullshit? I don't want to hear people say it's something that needs to be seen because if you’re going to show all the problems that exist in the world, then present some solutions!

Show Precious going to the gym, show her going to HIV counseling, show her speaking to other young girls that have been abused by their parents, show her getting her GED and going off to community college. Something to give people hope or make them believe that even with all the bullshit something can come out of it.

This is the Obama era, intelligence is the new gangsta and these dumbed down, disturbing images of our people should be a thing of the past. I'm all for showing the harsh realities of life but only with a purpose. I need a message in the madness. A bright spot within the bullshit. If not what's the muthafuckin’ point?