NLE Choppa has denied that he was missing following his mother issuing a public search for him.

NLE Choppa Denies He Was Missing After His Momanger Was Looking for Him

On Saturday (Oct. 21), NLE Choppa jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and issued a statement regarding his reported disappearance on Friday (Oct. 20). His momanger, Angela Potts, put out a distressing message on social media stating that she couldn't reach her son and urged his fans to contact her if they know where Choppa is. This prompted many fans to speculate that he was possibly missing.

However, contrary to what was being reported, the Memphis rapper denied that he was missing and that he was simply taking some time for himself. Choppa also chastised people who were pushing a false missing narrative on social media.

"I appreciate ya'll concern but the missing narrative isn't cool, especially knowing that people really do go missing everyday," he wrote. "I took a little time to myself to get back to my roots, but trust I'm all good. Apologies to anyone that was worried. We don't run from battles we take em chin up. IM BACK [purple heart emoji]."

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NLE Choppa's Mom Apologies After Raising Concerns About Her Son

NLE Choppa's statement comes after his mother, Angela Potts, posted an update on her son's whereabouts on Saturday following her public search for him.

In her Instagram post, she thanked the fans for their support and expressed regret for the confusion she caused with people thinking that Choppa was missing.

"Thank you for the PRAYERS and SUPPORT. Choppa's ok[.] He needed a minute, but didn't communicate it to his loved ones," she clarified in her statement.

"I never intended to scare anyone with my post nor did I expect for people to think he is missing," she continued. "But the frustrations of being the mother of a celebrity can be a bit much and overwhelming at times."

In the end, NLE Choppa is fine and is back on the road entertaining his fans.

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Take a look at NLE Choppa's statement regarding his disappearance below.

Read NLE Choppa's Statement Denying That He Was Missing

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