UPDATE: (4/2) Reports are now coming in that multiple people were stabbed. New footage of the scene can be viewed below.

Speaking with ABC News, LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar claimed that as many as 19 people were injured at the vigil. South Carolina news outlet WTLX 19 reports that two people at the vigil are in critical condition as a result of their injuries sustained at the vigil.

ORIGINAL STORY: NBC Los Angeles is reporting that multiple people are injured following a fight and subsequent stampede during Nipsey Hussle's vigil in L.A.

Elex Michaelson, co-anchor of Fox Los Angeles News, sent out an initial set of tweets detailing the situation, which alleged that shots had been fired. The LAPD tweeted shortly thereafter claiming the reports of shots being fired "do not appear to be accurate," but that they "do have injured in the chaos and are attempting to restore order."

Kevin Takumi‏, a helicopter reporter, tweeted a video of the reported stampede breaking out in real time. "HydePark #NipseyHustle memorial a fight breaks out and people start running," his tweet reads. "Several injured in the stampede LAFD responding. LAPD asking for backup." You can watch the video clips below.

NBC's report notes that "It was not immediately clear if shots were actually fired," but aerial footage of the scene shows multiple people seeking medical attention and subsequently being treated for injuries.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reportedly confirmed that the initial call was for shots being fired. Once they were on the scene they observed a mixture of injuries, but those injuries weren't for any shooting.

Nipsey, who had released his debut major label album, Victory Lap, last year, was shot and killed Sunday afternoon (March 31). Two other people were shot during the incident, but both had been said to be in stable condition.

This story is developing.

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