For years, many athletes have dealt with the adversity of dealing with derogatory slurs. With the NFL now having a gay player in Michael Sam, questions surround the league on how to tackle slurs if players use it excessively. During a sit down discussion with Larry King, Ryan Ford who is the EVP of Cashmere Agency, former NFL player Chester Pitts, former baseball exec Jimmie Lee Solomon, and Nipsey Hussle, attacked the issue head on and more importantly, the use of the N-word.

When asked about whether it's racist for blacks to use the term on one another, Nipsey chimed in on the discussion.

"I mean, I don't know if it's racist. I think it's self proof," said the rapper.

You can watch the full discussion here.

Nipsey is just coming off a solid performance at Summer Jam last weekend. If you haven't, check out his performance here on the Festival Stage.