Nipsey Hussle was apparently cuffed by police today (July 15), but they forgot to confiscate his phone. Since the rapper still had it in his possession, he decided snapped a pic of himself in the process. You can peep it above.

"Cuffed me but forgot my phone lol," Nipsey wrote as the caption on Instagram.

Nipsey Hussle's arrest coincidentally occurred just days after the California native released his new song "Picture Me Rollin" featuring OverDoz. The chorus of the track essentially foreshadowed Nipsey's experience.

"Picture me rollin'/With my friends not worried/Then we get stopped by the police/Gotta make it home to my baby/Cause they say snitch gon' crazy," OverDoz member Kent Jamz sings.

Outside of its fortuitous nature, Nipsey Hussle's latest record is one of that will sound right at home on your summer playlist. The Los Angeles rapper keeps it brief on the track while delivering some slick bars.

"Picture me rollin' tipping my chaueffer/Niggas look jealous, you gotta control it/Reaching my quota, mixing my soda/Feeling connected to God, tryna get closer/Stepping on roaches, me in my locsters/Just tryna get over, tryna not to get swallowed by locus/Tryna to stay focus kinda like Moses/Like somebody choose, sweat on my shoulder/I feel these emotions, but still I keep going/A pen to a poet/I been through the motions/I'm feeling heroic and life is a dice game/And I dare you to blow it/You might get a strike man, but that ain't gon' pay for strollers/It's never enough to console it," he raps.

It seems like Nipsey Hussle might be gearing up for an new project as he's been dropping new songs on the regular. Just a few weeks ago, he offered up the cut "Full Time." He's also put out collaborations with Mozzy and Snoop Dogg.

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