Nipsey Hussle's financial wisdom will be able to help rising entrepreneurs around the country thanks to a new book.

On Monday (Aug. 26), Ash Exantus aka Ash Cash dropped the link to his new book called Hu$$leNomics: Money, Ownership & Business Lessons Inspired by Nipsey Hussle on social media. According to the book's official website, the guide explains some of the business tactics that Nipsey used in his everyday life from his music career to his clothing store, The Marathon.

"HussleNomics is a book dedicated to the legacy and teachings of Mr. Hussle with a step by step guide on how to implement each principle in your life," Ash Cash wrote in the caption of his recent Instagram post. "Nipsey often preached about the Marathon and as you know in a marathon the baton is often passed to the next runner to pick up where the other left off... HussleNomics is that baton!"

The seven-chapter book is a dedication to Nipsey's life that lays out wisdom that all of Nipsey's fans can learn from. Each chapter begins with a quote from Nipsey's past about his financial experience and life in general. The author also explains why Neighborhood Nip was so vital to his overall plan and gives fans a breakdown of all the important business terms Nip would want you to know.

Ash Cash is straightforward about the estate of Nipsey Hussle's involvement with the book. His disclaimer states that neither the estate, The Marathon Store or any of Nip's affiliates have endorsed the book. Cash claims that the book is solely "designed to provide financial and business lessons inspired by Nipsey Hussle that can empower the community."

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