On this past Sunday there were a whole lot of superstars on that Summer Jam stage including Nicki Minaj. Her set was one of the most anticipated of the evening and she stacked the deck to deliver for the fans. Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Lil Herb, and Soulja Boy joined her to make it a memorable night.

On the heels of the show, the Head Barb In Charge has released a behind the scenes look at the night she hit the stage in Jersey. Quality time with die-hard fans, last minute show prep, a few jokes to shake the pre-show jitters and some kissy face time with Rih Rih are all part of the look at her day at MetLife Stadium. Warning: Try not to fall into the thirst trap that is Nicki's dutty wine at 0:53. Watch the how Nicki's day at Summer Jam went below.