Nosey fans beware! If you take an unsoliticted picture of Nicki Minaj, her hair stylist will put you in your place. According to TMZ, Nicki and her hairdresser friend were aboard a flight to New Jersey when the hair stylist noticed a fan aiming a phone in their direction.

Apparently, that's when the protective hair stylist sprung into action. TMZ reports that she snatched the would-be amateur paparazzo's phone and immediately started deleting pictures of Nicki from the device. It looks like fans who want a picture of or with Nicki will have to get it the old fashioned way. Otherwise, they'll have to deal with her hairdresser or probably at least as likely, her main squeeze Meek Mill.

Speaking of Meek, the MMG rapper recently moved into a very cozy 11,500 square foot Beverly Hills Mansion with Nicki. According to TMZ, the rap power couple is paying $30,000 a month to rent the home, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a five-car garage and a massive driveway.

$30,000 certainly isn't chump change, but we've got a feeling the couple isn't sweating the bill. Last week, Nicki joined Ariana Grande onstage at the VMA's to perform Ari's new track, "Side to Side," and everyone was loving it. If Nicki keeps putting on performances like that one, we're pretty sure she'll make enough money to buy the mansion outright in the near future.

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