Nicki Minaj's tumultuous time leading up to the release of her third studio album The Pinkprint was captured on MTV cameras for the My Time AGAIN documentary. The flick follows Minaj's journey from her rehearsal for her MTV VMA performance of "Anaconda," to candid moments in the studio and in her hometown, and her plans for the next four years. The doc sheds light on one of the biggest stars in the world and you have to applaud Minaj for allowing cameras to capture some of her more personal moments.

Throughout the 40-minute documentary, the Queens MC commented on the current state of the game and said she is not a "female rapper." "Most people don't rap no more," said Minaj. "Most people ain't even trying to spit. They don't try to spit. They're getting by. Everybody is getting by being...fraudulent. Everybody is getting by being half-assed. Everybody's getting by like, not pushing their pen. Do you know how many times I think to myself, 'why did I just re-write this verse? When everything on the radio is a bunch of wack verses?' You don't even have to be an MC any more. That's what's crazy. I am not a 'female rapper.' I'm not. And now that they diluted the term 'female rapper,' I don't want to be called that."

Nicki also ventured back to her hometown of Jamaica, Queens and spoke about being a role model for kids in her neighborhood. "There are kids there that I've never seen, but they feel like they know me," said Minaj. "I've walked the same street, they know where I live. They feel like, 'She made it out of here, I can make it out of here too.' I had a lot of hard times in that neighborhood. But I came through. It turned me into someone that can face anything."

For die hard and casual fans of Nicki Minaj alike, My Time AGAIN, is a great look at a superstar's rise from the streets of Queens to the top of the music world. Check it out above.