As of late, Nicki Minaj has shed the wigs and extreme makeup for a more natural look. With the look has come a change in her music, the Queens MC getting back to her hip-hop roots. There’s no denying that Nicki has held her own on tracks with some of the biggest names in the game and now she is putting her foot down and saying that she no longer wants to be considered just a “female rapper”.

"I do not see myself as a female rapper anymore, I'm sorry," Minaj told MTV News during an interview. "I see myself as a rapper. I've worked with the greats and I've held my own with the greats and they respect me," she continued. "So I should respect myself enough to see myself the same way they see themselves."

The two singles, “Lookin Ass Nigga” and “Chi-Raq” are a far cry from the poppy sounds we heard on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and it seems as if her upcoming album will have a much grittier sound.-Peter Walsh