Nicki Minaj finally joined the world of Snapchat and might already have the most lit Snap on the planet.

Nicki shared her handle with her fans on Instagram. "Yo can y'all teach me how to use this? 😨 wtf I wanna show y'all how a bad btch posts her first snap but 🙁😏🙃," she posted.

Of course, her frenzied followers started to hit her up in droves. The "No Frauds" rapper showed a video of how ridiculous it got, with people calling her up on the app every second. As soon as she dismisses one notification another one pops up in its place. "Can you guys please stop calling me, look I can't get back to my settings," Nicki said in the IG video. "And the calls don't stop," she added.

One person left a message demanding that Nicki follow through with her offer to pay fans' college tuition. "Bitch you ignoring my calls! Pay for my college tuition sis. I'm in the fourth year at medical school in London. Gon' be saving a bitch life," the aggressive message read.

"Omgggggggg why y'all doin this to me? 😩 Candice can't even help me. They gotta call Snapchat now 🙃," she captioned the video.

The price of fame.

See how lit Nicki's snap is below.

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