Nick Young wants Iggy Azalea to go through a 12 step program before he puts a ring on it.

During an interview with Flaunt, the Los Angeles Lakers guard opened up about his relationship with the Australian rapper. When asked if he has plans to marry her, Young mentions a "12 step program" she would have to complete before he ever thought of doing so. He didn't elaborate in great detail of the "program" but he did expound on a couple of steps.

I manage to squeeze just three of the supposed “12 steps” out of him: 1.) She cooks for him. I ask what, and when he replies that she made a mean pork chop sandwich; I begin to suspect that Swaggy’s not the toughest grader. 2.) When the bedroom got messy and he got annoyed, he would go to practice and come back to a clean house. Number 3 gets lost in a wave of reluctance and regret for agreeing to talk about it in the first place. One thing is clear though; the man might be laid back, but don’t mistake that as a flaky lack of commitment. Nick Young means business.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that the couple were having issues. Pictures surfaced of Nick and another young lady, after which Iggy made him sleep on the couch. This led fans to believe the two had broken up. In typical Iggy fashion, The New Classic MC took to Twitter to put the rumors to rest, saying they didn't call it quits. Last November, the NBA swingman revealed he bought a house with Azalea and spoke about marriage.

Last night (April 28), However, Nick Young may have messed up. He posted on Instagram that he had won a bet with Iggy. As a result of it, he claimed she owed him "head and $50"


Yikes, that's something you probably don't want to broadcast to the world. The post was quickly taken down. Luckily (read:unluckily) someone screenshot the picture and TSS got their hands on it.