Nick Cannon just made a whole population of men mad with his new video for the song "If I Was Your Man." Released today (Nov. 7) via YouTube, the clip shows Cannon kissing all over the object of his affection who just so happens to be TLC member and resident '90s baddie Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas. As Jeremih handles the melodic chorus on the track, the rapper/actor/host tries to spit game to Chilli but straight up admitting his faults. He even drops her name in the lyrics.

"Naw mama, I ain't shit/Toyed with you since 2006/It's been 10 years she's still on my dick/And I love you for that/TMZ, she ain't fuckin' with that/Girl you lookin' gooder than governor check/Where the ladies with the good pussy at?/Where the ladies with the good pussy at?/Head to the back swagged out lookin' like Chilli/All my down hoes still kick it with me/All the hood rats still kick it for me," smirks Cannon.

And this isn't the first time the America's Got Talent has rapped about crushing on Chilli. A month ago, he dropped the freestyle "Holiday" where he rapped, “But it’s getting Chilli/And that’s all that’s on my mind/The winter’s coming, and I love her, but I ain’t got time."

Cannon actually teased a snippet of the video back in the summer which sparked rumors that he and Chilli were dating. Initially, Cannon said that he always had a crush on Chilli but brushed off the couple rumors. Now that the full visual is out, it's pretty hard to deny that onscreen chemistry.

The song is meant to tease Cannon's upcoming mixtape called The Gospel of Ike Turn Up: My Side Of The Story, due out next week.

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