Just before Christmas, Queen Latifah ran into some trouble as she had her vehicle stolen. According to TMZ, her security guard took her 2015 Mercedes S63 for a fill up at an Atlanta gas station days before the holiday. While the guard stood outside the vehicle pumping gas, a BMW pulled up alongside the Mercedes Benz, a thief entered the car, started the ignition and drove away.

While Latifah was not in the vehicle at the time, she was nonetheless concerned about the heist because a contract inside a Tumi bag was in the car. Police recovered the Mercedes at an apartment complex, the whip only showing slight damage. Lemonade and Fruit Punch bottles were found in the car, as was the Tumi bag, which had been ransacked, though the contract was still there. Police are looking at surveillance video to try to identify the thieves.

In July of 2015, Grandmaster Flash had his Dodge Charger stolen after a valet mix-up in New York City. A few vinyl records were in the car at the time as well. In 2013, meanwhile, DMX reported that his friend had stolen his car after X and his wife had given it to him to sell. Latifah's brush seems to have reached a quicker conclusion than both instance, though it seems to have given her a proper scare all the same.

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