Just about everyone agrees that Young Thug's Jeffery is excellent, so it's fitting that it gets that classic treatment—and it's receiving just that.

Today (Nov. 23), we learned that Thugger's latest project will be coming out on vinyl on Monday, Nov. 28. You can see the tweet announcing the vinyl up top.

This is, of course, being made possible by the folks at Vinyl Me Please, who are letting members of the site purchase the vinyl version of Jeffery 30 days before the general public can get their hands on it. Members are limited to one vinyl per membership, which you can sign up for here.

Thugger has been one of the rap industry's more prolific artists for quite a while now, but according to him Jeffery, which is named after his real first name, is the truest reflection of his identity. It's also a part of his transitioning from "Young Thug" to simply "Jeffery."

“I don’t want my kids to grow up and be like, ‘My dad’s name is Young Thug’ or ‘I want to be a young thug because my dad was a young thug,'" Thugger said in the cover story for the latest issue of XXL. "I want to be who I really am. I’m really Jeffery. I’m not no lame or anything, I’m kinda cool. I’m a cool person. So, Jeffery…I feel like I used to hate that name so much, but now I’m understanding the name. My dad gave me the name. The name is who I really am.”

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