Eminem's debut album Infinite recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Fans can now get a look at the making of Slim Shady's often overlooked LP in the Partners In Rhyme documentary. The short film uses archival footage and interviews to tell story of the album's creation.

The Bass Brothers, who have worked with Eminem throughout his career, also created a remixed version of the LP in honor of its 20th anniversary. The new remixes were made by replaying the songs with live instruments instead of using samples. The Bass Brothers wanted to rework the album because they still view it fondly.

"The songwriting is amazing back then," Jeff Bass told Rolling Stone. "It's like any artist just starting out. If you ever listen to Michael Jackson before he was Michael Jackson or Prince, they were younger-sounding, but you can tell there's something there. Obviously, the fans who will purchase this particular project will get it. They'll understand why. When I hear Eminem from 20 years ago, I can hear Eminem today. I can hear the nuances in his tone, and his rhythm was insane, and this is him starting out as a kid. We recognized that there was something there that was special. Obviously the world ended up agreeing with what we were feeling."

The remixed Infinite tracks will be released on digital outlets and limited-edition 7-inch singles, but no release date has been announced. XXL will keep you posted on any updates regarding the project.

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