Danny Brown has already decided on the best album of the year, and it is not his Atrocity Exhibition LP. The Detroit rapper believes David Bowie's Blackstar album is the best of the year.

"Blackstar is definitely the biggest album to me this year," Brown told Pitchfork. "That album is fucking creepy. It scares the shit out of me. And those videos. Fuck. I kind of relate to it, to him. When you put that much of your life into music, can’t nobody ever take that—you can’t rate that. You can’t review this. He died for this. This is his life right here. When people talk about the best albums of the year, I be like, 'Y’all don’t realized Bowie’s album came out this year and he fucking died? What is y’all talking about?' We should hands-down know what the best album of this year is. Shouldn’t be talk of nothing else."

Brown also talked about being similarly scared at a young age by Scarface's Mr. Scarface Is Back. The "Pneumonia" MC reflected on hearing it for the first time when he was in the fifth grade.

"When I heard Mr. Scarface Is Back for the first time, it scared the shit out of me," Brown said. "I’d never heard music that struck that emotion in me. He rapped with such conviction. I didn’t have no choice but to believe him. It was almost like a preacher type of thing; like he had a sermon going. My cousin had the Geto Boys album, too, but that didn’t strike me that same way as when I first heard the song 'Mr. Scarface.' It had the Scarface sample on there and the beat was so crazy. It was shock value to me."

Check out the entire piece to learn more about the albums that impacted Brown's music. And make sure to check out his Atrocity Exhibition LP, which is available now.

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