Lil Wayne is worried that his legal battle with Birdman and Cash Money Records will drive out Drake and Nicki Minaj from Young Money. TMZ obtained documents where it shows Weezy 's attempt to end Birdman's involvement in Young Money because of his mismanagement of the company. Wayne claims Baby and Cash Money have consistently given chump change to artists and now Young Money could potentially lose both Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Recently Wayne and Nicki have signed on as co-owners of Tidal and have been releasing exclusive content on the streaming service. Drake is currently backing Apple Music. However, Drizzy and Nicki have been relatively quiet in regards to Wayne and Birdman's legal battle.

It was previously reported during Wayne and Cash Money's legal problems that when Weezy F Baby makes his departure from Cash Money Records, Nicki Minaj and Drake will be coming along with him. Wayne believes that Nicki and Drake should definitely leave with him since their contracts are with Young Money Entertainment. However, what makes this whole thing more complicated is that Cash Money has a distribution deal with all of Young Money’s artists, including Nicki and Drizzy.

For our August/September issue, Lil Wayne was the cover star and spoke to us on why he signed Drake and Nicki.

On why he signed Drake:

"Call me old-fashioned and country, but with Drake, that was the first time I'd seen someone that knew how to sing and rap. That's all it was. I didn't know nobody who knew how to do that. You had those old school singing n***as, where people would do a little eight-bar verse on their songs. But [Drake] was spitting and singing and killing that too. It took a while though. It wasn't until I heard him spitting on one of my beats when I was like, 'This fool's retarded.' When I hear something that I know I can't do better? That's when I'm like, 'They need to be on the team.'"

On why he signed Nicki Minaj:

"I wanted a female. Every team needs a female to rep your gang. She was annihilating n***as. I mean males. I was like, 'I have to beef my sh*t up on that muthaf**ka.' She just knocked it out the park from day one. She's just Nicki. I don't know whose idea it was, but it was a good idea."