This week, Fat Trel released his MMG debut mixtape Gleesh. The recent signee has been promoting his tape through Instagram, as well as dropping G-Mixes over some of your favorite songs. With over 30,000 downloads on DatPiff since Apr. 1, Trel’s new set of sounds is quickly becoming a conversation starter among rap fans. But if you haven’t listened to it yet, we’ll let Trel prove his case. We had the Washington D.C. rapper stop by the XXL offices to give us his five reasons why anyone should download Gleesh. Don’t sleep. Eric Diep

It's The Truth

Fat Trel: If you gave me one answer, I would say every single song is the truth. I was the one to over exaggerate in my lyrics and my lifestyle. It’s a perfect story from a young nigga who ain’t never have shit to come up. I think that’s what my story is. I just want to express the lifestyle of a young black teenager coming from Washington D.C., who is coming from the opposite train tracks of Wale.

A lot of people look at Wale and they think that’s the vision and that’s how they are. You know, he’s not from my side. He didn’t grow up doing the things that I did. I didn’t graduate high school. I wasn’t thinking about college. I didn’t think about the Jordan IIIs or the Sabado bucket hats. Balenciaga jackets. That wasn’t my lifestyle. I just want people to see the truth coming out of Washington D.C. How we rock, how we roll.

The truth is I am a young savage who comes from the worst streets of Washington D.C. But, I also have a heart. I’m a family man. I’m a cancer so I love a lot. I’m sensitive about my music. I care about what people think about me. I just want people to know that this is a genuine rapper. I’m not a nigga looking for a check. Checks and money don’t excite me. I’ve been homeless and been happy before. I just want people to see the authenticity of the artist versus another nigga who just signed to Maybach.


It's Controversial

Fat Trel: I'ma be honest, it wasn’t my idea. My graphic designer. I’ve known him for years. He’s like my bro, so we play around with a lot of shit. I guess through my career of rap, I don’t know how I did it. I’m kind of looked at as a sex idol. When you look at me, people think of sex like girls. The Slutty Boyz lifestyle. It’s real. When the cover came through, I just thought it was a genius idea because the show Glee is doing so well. I have a specific nickname. You don’t hear gleesh nowhere except for my city or when you hear gleesh, they talking about me. I think to go with it is genius besides the controversy that we knew was going to come. The backlash and the hate, we needed all that, so we gonna rock out with the streets and the bad energy and make it all work. That’s why we went with it.


It's Humorous

Fat Trel: Another thing besides the cover is that I got a huge sense of humor. I’m serious about my money and I am serious about my friends. My sense of humor goes a long way. My favorite comedian is Bernie Mac. Second to him is Larry The Cable Guy. My sense of humor stretch to a wide variety. George Lopez. Ron White. I like a lot of humor. I think it was about that time. I got rich. I got my check from Ross, but I just want people to know that I ain’t taking it that serious. I live a little. I celebrate. I go out. I laugh. I have fun, even when it is bad things going on. I just wanted to see that side of me. I don’t want my face on it at all, we gonna make this cover about this bitch. You know what I am saying? That’s how we rock with it and it worked. This genius.


It's His MMG Debut

Fat Trel: I spent time with [MMG] before working with them. I spent time with Rockie in New York, when Ross released Mastermind. We did the show Wild 'n Out and a few other things. When I had my show in Texas at SXSW, I spent that time alone with Stalley. I got to see what kind of person he was. We spent two, three days together talking about sports. Basketball, fashion. I really wanted our relationships to be genuine. That’s why there’s not a song with Meek because I didn't spend time with him. I didn’t spend one on one time with Meek. I wanted to be that genuine. I could have sent him ten records to put a verse on. I could have sent 20 records for Gunplay to put a verse on. I could have sent five records for Omarion to put a hook on. I didn’t want it that way. I wanted to spend time with them. Get to know them as an artist, so when the songs come out its that real. It’s not put together.

Me and Stalley, we did “Thot Street.” We rode down Texas and saw a lot of thots on one street so that’s why we went with “Thot Street.” Me and Rockie, we talked a lot about fashion. That’s why we rode with the song “Fresh.” It was a great feeling, you know what I am saying? More music to come.


And The Last Reason Is...

Fat Trel: To let them know that a real nigga just walked in the building. A real young nigga from the District of Columbia is here and he talking that shit and he making noise. He coming through with a storm, a whole slew of young new killers on the street. A problem to be dealt with. Just want motherfuckers to know that I am coming heavy. I’m coming for my respective fame. If I ain’t got it, I'ma take it and everything that roll with that.


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