On Mar. 26, Richmond, California native Iamsu! brought a bit of the Bay Area to the city, hosting a listening party at the 333 Recording studio in NYC for his anticipated, 15-tracked debut album Sincerely Yours. The gathering was intimate, everyone vibing along with the atmosphere of the room, peppered with light conversation and the soft slosh of drinks accompanying the strong bump of Su’s latest project.

If the vibe in the room was any indication of how the public will receive the rapper’s debut effort, he’ll have solid ground to build his name upon nationally. With Sincerely Yours, Iamsu! proves that flow can prevail on more than just a smooth dance track, as we know he’s already mastered with his tight verse on Sage the Gemini’s “Gas Pedal” banger released earlier this year. Though the album is notably bass heavy throughout, he diversifies the sound by switching up flows on his tracks quite randomly, borrowing from the southern hip-hop vibe pioneered by the likes of UGK on a track reminiscent of the classic swangin’ feel. He also gives us several tracks that fans will associate with the Pittsburgh sample-heavy vibe, and concludes the sound by employing the lyrical style of Wiz Khalifa. 2 Chainz also appears on the album on one of many boastful tracks. Interestingly enough, the album features several spoken word selections as well, adding a classic touch to the album as a whole.

While Iamsu! dispenses the bravado one presumably expects of a talented 24-year-old, he keeps it very humble and shows significant love for his day-one fans, specifically on two joints where he proclaims “I love my squad!” With so many different cadences and stylistic nuances, the album’s production, while flowing easily to create a cohesive sound overall, also was a bit experimental, with a joint that samples “No Use,” by German production group Jazzanova and German singer/songwriter Clara.

Iamsu! definitely decided to spread his wings far with this album, offering sounds that fans from both coasts will be able to relate to and enjoy, versatile flows that exemplify the range of his MC capabilities, and featuring hip-hop legends and contemporary front-runners. We have a feeling his debut will we warmly received.—Christina Kelly