Common supports his buddy Nas 100 percent. The legendary Queensbridge lyricist recently came under fire from his baby's mother, Carmen Bryan, upon the release of "Daughters"—the highly personal third single off Life Is Good.

On the song, Nas discusses finding a letter his 17-year-old daughter wrote to a man in jail and a photo of a box of condoms she posted on Instagram. Common, who is no stranger to introspection, says God's Son was well within his bounds.

"I feel like in art you gotta be free to express what you need to say," Common told "That’s our job. That’s what we do. When you an artist, you can pour out your soul. Sometimes that’s the way to get it out. I don’t think it’s different than what Marvin Gaye was doin’, it’s the same mentality. Marvin Gaye did an album called Here, My Dear. The judge said he had to give all the proceeds from one of his next albums to his ex wife that he was divorcing. So he wrote all the songs about they relationship."

Common has previously been confronted for airing out private matters through his music, as well. On the Lauryn Hill-assisted, "Retrospect for Life" off One Day It'll All Make Sense, the Chi-Town MC speaks on regretting his then girlfriend's abortion. Though critically acclaimed, the song drew criticism from the mother of Com's daughter.

"I think in music, you should be able to be very personal," Com asserts. "I know it’s tough on the people that may be in the experience with you. I’ve definitely had the mother of my child be like, 'Yo, why you keep puttin’ our business out there.' Like, when I did ‘Retrospect for Life’ about abortion. It’s necessary sometimes and honestly, not only is it a way for me to express myself, but it may inspire somebody else to do something good.

"I’ve had people come to me because of those type of songs and say it changed their life or somebody be like, 'Man, that song made me decide to have my child instead of having an abortion,'' he continued. "Something that Nas said in that song may inspire somebody to be a better father so I think it’s worth it."—Carl Chery (@cchery)