Naughty By Nature producer Kay Gee is set to re-launch his Devine Mill imprint through a joint venture with Merovingian Music. Caroline/EMI will serve as the label’s worldwide distributor. Having introduced R&B acts like Next, Zhane and Jaheim through various majors in the '90s, Kay is confident that his new deal will introduce a new artist-friendly model. “Not only is it favorable to me finally as a joint venture, but it’s also favorable to the artist as well,” Kay told “The artists can share into the ownership of the masters and not have to give away their rights. This model doesn’t work for everybody. It’s only beneficial to artists that have their own built-in audience and can get a certain amount of records sold out the box.” Kay is also looking to re-launch his old group, Naughty By Nature. Kay briefly quarreled with Treach and Vinnie after the release of 19 Naughty Nine: Nature’s Fury, the producer's last contribution to the group. Now reunited, the trio is slowly prepping a new album. "The bottom line is we came so far together for a couple of words, or a couple of people to get in our way. We just felt like our bond was way more stronger than that,” Kay explained. “And at the end of the day, we realized that if we didn’t do anything else in the future, we should at least be on the playing field and at least be friends. "It’s not official, official yet," he continued. "We haven’t gone in, but we’ve definitely been talking about it. I haven’t started performing with them on the road yet, but the process has definitely started.”