Yesterday (June 20), hip-hop lost one of its most original artists when Queens lyricist Prodigy died at the age of 42. In the hours following the untimely death of the fearsome wordsmith, fans and tenants of the rap world have paid their respects. Now, so have the New York Yankees. See their special tribute to the late rapper in the video below.

Just before their game against the Los Angeles Angels last night, the Yankees organization paid tribute to P's legacy by playing Havoc's ice cold instrumental for "Shook Ones Pt. II," perhaps Mobb Deep's most legendary song. Considering P's status as a New York City tastemaker, having the audio canvas for one of his most iconic verses—and one of rap's most iconic verses—blasted in the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium is a fitting tribute.

While the specific cause of P's death is still unknown, he had endured a health scare related to his sickle cell condition a few days prior.

For over two decades, P mesmerized the rap world with his distinctive delivery and the ferocious honesty of his lyrics. Speaking with us yesterday, DJ Whoo Kid, who worked with Prodigy to drop his first mixtape,  H.N.I.C. Pt. 1, 17 years ago, described the qualities that made his friend and collaborator so special, and his struggles dealing with sickle cell.

“Whenever you’d hear Prodigy come on, you know, Havoc was the cool nigga, he’s in the back, he got his verses or whatever, but when you finally hear Prodigy come on, he was believable," Whoo Kid explained. "His voice, his cadence, made you want to do what you gotta do, because of the way he was dealing with his sickness. His sickness came out into the music. It took me awhile to get to know him and become his friend, but I have a total understanding of where he comes from. This is years of battling. He almost died a few times. I remember when we were in Europe, he couldn’t do two shows. We had to e-vac him to an hospital and then send him home. He’s a fighter, he was dealing with this sickness for awhile.”

Check out the Yankees' tribute to P below.

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