The New York Post's Phil Mushnick has some choice, racially-tinged words for ESPN over 50 Cent's appearance on the channel's coverage of the NFL Draft.

In a recent editorial, Mushnick lambasted the sports channel for allowing the Queens rapper to commentate on the NFL Draft program last week. Mushnick called Fif, "a vulgar, gay-bashing, women-trashing, assault weapon-cherishing, N-word-spouting gangsta rapper," and alleged that his presence on the program is detrimental to the young sports fans.

"The same men and women who report the arrests and the convictions while making 'tsk, tsk, tsk' have no better idea or instructions than to keep flooring it, sustaining the inescapable message that bad is good, but worse is even better," Mushnick wrote. "ESPN, now the home of double-murder investigation obstructionist Ray Lewis, opened its NFL Draft show Thursday with vulgar, gay-bashing, women-trashing, assault weapon-cherishing, N-word-spouting gangsta rapper 50 Cent making threatening noises and gestures while boasting that he is one bad mother. Why? Because this is what ESPN, among others, has seen fit to do to sports. Rather than try to return some sport to our sports — maybe even reduce the incidence of tsk, tsk, tsking among its reporters — ESPN works hard to do to our kids and teens (and your sports) what no ESPN execs would do to theirs."

Despite Mushnick's assertion that 50 Cent is "gay-bashing," the G-Unit general has voiced his support of gay marriage, saying that, "Obama is for same-sex marriage. When the president is saying that, then who am I to go the other way?" Fif also publicly defended Frank Ocean last year when the OFWGKTA singer revealed that he is bi-sexual.

This isn't Mushnick's first encounter with the world of rap music, however. Last year, Muschnick proposed that the Brooklyn Nets change its name to the "New York N------" given Jay-Z's part-ownership of the organization.

[via NY Post]