Nav and Lil Uzi Vert regret their romantic wants on "Wanted You," a mellow trap ballad about illusory love. The new song was produced by DJ Khaled, Ben Billions and Cash, and it's definitely smooth.

Kicking things off with his typically (purposefully) monotone delivery is Nav, who tells the story of a woman he found himself romantically involved with. It turns out, he met her after she slid into his DM's, and according to his verse, that's apparently not a good sign.

"You hit me on my DM like a fangirl (whoa, whoa)/Did you want me or did you want these bands, girl? (whoa, whoa)/Now I know you just another Instagram girl (whoa, whoa)/She almost made me think that all she want is me (yeah)/I hit the club and she the first one that I see," he spits on the song. He then learns his lady's been talking to one of his peoples. Yikes.

Next up is the platinum-selling Uzi, who spends more time focusing on what he has rather than what he had. "My new bitch better, so I cannot sweat her/Don't talk to that girl, that's a curve (now what)," he raps.

There's no word on where this track will land, but Nav and Uzi, who both popped up on The Weeknd's Legend of the Fall tour, definitely sound good together. Let's hope for more collabs.

For now, listen to "Wanted You" below. Check out Nav's guest verse on 88GLAM's new track "Bali" when you're done with that.

XO Records / Republic
XO Records / Republic

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