Nas' Nasir album was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike but it appears the rapper is ready to go in another direction with a new album. During an interview with Angie Martinez for iHeartRadio on Thursday (July 26), Esco revealed he is gearing up to release a new album, which has been in the works since before Nasir.

According to the Queens rapper, since releasing the Kanye West-produced Nasir in June, he feels he needs to go in a different direction with his next project, which includes collaborations with Swizz Beatz and the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA. "Since I did [Nasir], I gotta do something that goes in another direction a little bit," he said. "So, I'm like finishing up the next one."

The MC also revealed that his next project shouldn't take too long to release, as half of it had already been recorded. "It's not gonna be that long 'cause half of it was already there. I did do something with Swizz. I did stuff with RZA."

Elsewhere during the interview, Nas spoke about creating Nasir with Yeezy and admits being in Wyoming was odd for him. According to Nas, he visited the state toward the tail end of the Kid Cudi, Teyena Taylor recording sessions and got a bit nervous when there was only one week left until his album was supposed to drop.

"I'm like, 'Yo dude, we got like one week,'" Nas said. "But he's a professional when it comes to making beats," he added about Kanye. The rapper also said the two had been talking about collaborating on an album for years and were finally able to get it done in 2018.

Check out audio of the full interview, as well as clips of Nas discussing Nasir and his next album below.

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