Nas has always had a complicated relationship with the corporate world. Illmatic was a a no-frills report from a project window, but where other rappers earned passes with their stark early work, Nas only came under more scrutiny. His fans and detractors went through decades of hand-wringing about red leather jackets and crucifixions, Fila and Rap Genius. Now, fortunately, the legend from Queens has figured out a way to lend his name to brands he trusts without losing his identity. First, he announced a Sprite campaign that will bring his lyrics to gas station beverage walls across the country. Now, Nasir is teaming up with Sweet Chick, a New York City restaurant specializing in chicken and waffles. Owner John Seymour, who calls Nas his favorite rapper, expressed his excitement over the partnership, calling it "a dream come true" and hoping the restaurant can "truly move forward with a 'NY state of Mind' and introduce Sweet Chick to a bigger audience." The expansion that will come along with the partnership is expected to being in the next year.

One of the most revered artists to ever touch a microphone, Nas last release an album in 2012. A post-divorce bloodletting, Life Is Good paired the MC with No I.D., who furnished him with beats that recall his storied mid-'90s output. Prior to that, the "Life's a Bitch" star put out a pair of records that hinged on provocative titles, 2006's Hip Hop Is Dead... and the untitled 2008 album that was meant to be called N---er.