Nas and Big Sean are going to be part of the Super Bowl festivities in Houston. The two rappers will be performing at the Rolling Stone Live: Houston party on Saturday (Feb. 4). The event is being held at the Museum of Fine Arts and will also include a performance by Diplo.

The Super Bowl weekend gig will follow the big release of Big Sean's I Decided. album, which is scheduled to drop on Friday (Feb. 3). The Detroit rapper recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and explained the concept of the highly anticipated LP.

“The story of the album is: imagine you went through life and you made all the wrong decisions your whole life,” Sean said. “You get to the end of your life and your at a moment where it’s like, ‘God, I did everything wrong. I didn’t work it out with the love of my life. I messed it up with my parents. I’m not doing the job I was sent here to do on Earth.’ So the album is basically a chance of like having that wisdom of an old man while you’re young and going through life and figuring it out.”

XXL has compiled everything you need to know about I Decided. ahead of its release, so make sure to check that out before the LP's arrival. Fans in New York, Detroit, Toronto and Los Angeles will have a special opportunity to celebrate Big Sean's new project at pop-up shops opening up in each city for the weekend.

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