Migos' banger "T-Shirt" is arguably the best song on their new album, Culture. Yesterday (Jan. 29), there were rumors that producers Nard & B sampled Dem Franchize Boyz's "White Tee" for the "T-Shirt" instrumental. However, today (Jan. 30), Nard & B shot that hypothesis down.

Late Sunday night, Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive posted a video made by Craig The DJ (which you can view below) of "White Tee" being slowed down in Serato DJ and blending into the "T-Shirt" beat. Barber added the caption, "Wait so Migos 'T-Shirt' beat is Franchize Boyz 'White Tee' slowed down? My mind is blown. So many layers. Brilliant."

Twitter users responded with reactions of shock and excitement, as it seemed that one of their favorite early 2000s songs was sampled for a fellow Atlanta rap group in 2017. But the producers behind "T-Shirt" quickly shut that idea down.

Nard & B replied on social media today, saying, "We did **(not)** sample 'White Tee'.. or any song for that matter. All vibe ." Shortly thereafter, they followed up with another tweet, posting, "Though we would like to take credit for the genius.. Migos "T-Shirt" does **(not)** contain or reference any sample."

Craig The DJ also took to Twitter to clear the air: "I personally never said it was a direct sample... I thought it sounded similar and mixed it [...] it wasn't like I was tryna expose anyone.. just thought it would be a dope mix for my podcast." Peep what he had to say below.

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