Mystikal is not letting his legal woes derail him from connecting with his fans. Although the YMCMB artist will start an 81-day jail sentence beginning on May 14, he gave fans a performance to remember at New York City’s SOBs on Tuesday night (May 1).

Mystikal performed all of his classic hits like, “Here I Go,” “Shake It Fast” and “Danger,” but the biggest highlight of the night was when he paid homage to the late Michael Jackson.

During a breakdown of his classic, “Yall Ain't Ready,” Mystikal performed the dance skit from Jackson's “Thriller” video, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The New Orleans lyricist also took the time out to talk to the audience about his recent troubles and made it very clear that going back to jail for a second time around will only make him stronger.

After addressing the crowd, Mystikal spoke to XXLMag about having to return to prison.

"Everything has been a setback,” Mystikal said after his show. “I'm disappointed. This is totally on me.  I'm gonna take my liquor on this one and just be smart. You're never too old to learn.

“I definitely realize that I can't act like everybody else,” the frenzied rhymeslinger added. “No matter how ghetto or no matter how much you keep it real, yeah, that shit don't work.”

When asked if he will utilize his time behind bars to do more writing this time around, he said: "I'll definitely be more constructive shit this time around, believe that."

Last month, a Louisiana judge ordered the rapper to go back to jail after violating the terms of his probation. This comes after Mystikal finished serving a six-year prison sentence for sexual batter and extortion.

Facing a smaller stint in jail in a matter of days, Mystikal also expressed his appreciation for YMCMB’s support.

“At a time like this, to have the support from the record label, that's the powers that be!” Mystikal told XXL. “Those are the people that matter the most in my career and what the fuck I got going on in my life right now. You know everything's gonna be alright.”

Mystikal says the impending jail sentence won’t affect his plans to release new material and will actually speed up the release of his mixtape.—Chanel Clark