Mystikal just checked into a Louisiana jail this morning (May 14) to serve an 81-day sentence for domestic abuse.

Back in February, TMZ first reported that the rapper was arrested in Baton Rouge on a domestic abuse charge back in February and a judge ruled it was a violation of his probation stemming from a five-year probation following a six-year prison stint for sexual battery and extortion.

Talking to late last month, Baby vowed that that Cash Money would stand by Mystikal’s side and support him through his latest brush with the law.

“Them little 80 days, them ain’t about nothing,” Birdman told XXL. “We’ll be on his next single as he comes home. From the concrete, straight to the concrete. Ya heard me.”

Hearing that, Mystikal told XXL how appreciative he is of Baby and the entire YMCMB family, but knows it’s up to him to right his wrongs once he’s released.

“[Birdman’s] being supportive, but he’s hurt behind this shit and it’s on me,” Mystikal revealed earlier in the month.

“When a lot of good things come, it seems like that fall gotta come. I gotta make this good and ya’ll know I am.

“I’m just stoked about the opportunity to come home and still have that opportunity [to record music],” he added. “Even during a mishap, they’re still supporting me 100 percent. Get ready for the music. I can tell you that’s it’s gonna be well worth the wait. Well worth the wait. Especially that album.”

Originally, Mystikal’s sentence was supposed to be 90 days, but the rhymeslinger was credited nine days served while detained following his February arrest, edging the sentence to 81 days.

His album, although there’s no timetable on it as of press time, is supposed to be titled, Original. Before reporting to jail today, Mystikal tweeted to tell fans that his upcoming mixtape, Origins, will drop July 30.—Mark Lelinwalla