Mozzy's year has been busier than ever, having dropped his debut album, 1 Up Top Ahk, as well as joint projects with Gunplay and Blac Youngsta, and now he's rolling out another set of visuals. The Sacramento rapper releases the music video for his "Sleep Walkin" record, which sees him going through the legal process after being put into a police lineup.

Not only do we see the "Not Afraid" MC standing amongst suspects being brought in for questioning in a case, but he also gets yelled at by police officers in an interrogation room. Eventually, we do see Mozzy being put behind bars, which is apparently reflective of a situation that actually happened to the West Coast entertainer in the past.

Last year, XXL spoke to the rapper about his upbringing in the past, revealing the details of his grandmother being part of the Black Panther party and how that affected his childhood.

"She always encouraged me to become strong, strong-minded, strong-willed, outwork everybody," Mozzy explained. "Whatever you do just outwork them. She just made me militant. The books that I chose to read were because of her. It was off the energy I got off of her so I’ll choose shit like Malcolm X or Frederick Douglass, Marcus Garvey. I picked them up. I just always wanted to be powerful. I wanted to hold some type of power like it didn’t matter what it was. I could be team captain; I just wanted to be the leader, the source. I just read books on leadership and hella strong Black men."

Watch the music video for Mozzy's "Sleep Walkin" record below to see him go through the arrest process, and if you missed it, watch the video for "New Era New King," his vicious diss towards C-Bo and Brotha Lynch Hung.

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