In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Game speaks on how Pharrell Williams became an executive- producer on his upcoming fourth solo album, R.E.D

“We worked together one day, and that one day turned into 30 days, and those 30 days turned to 60, and then those 60 developed into a friendship,” said the Compton MC who recently got the words “Star Trak” tatted on his arm as a tribute to Pharrell.

As far as Dr. Dre goes, there appears to be nothing but love on that end as well. "Dre and I have always been on the same team, I've just been too wild for him at times," he said. "He's older and legendary and he's been through enough drama in his career and doesn't have to jump into my drama. So, I understood that and why he pulled back."

Two tracks produced by Dre will be on the project. In addition, R.E.D.  features production by Cool and Dre and DJ Khalil in addition to guest appearances by Beanie Sigel, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke.

The album which was originally scheduled to drop on December 8 was pushed back so that Game could focus on working with Dre on the Detox album but is now set for a February 16 release.  Brooklyne Gipson