The release of Moneybagg Yo's debut album, Reset, is now just around the corner, and it looks like he's tapped some heavy hitters for the project. One of them is J. Cole, whom fans began to speculate Moneybagg had a made a song with when the Memphis rapper posted an image of them together on Instagram in August. Now we know the name of the track, as well other features on the Memphis rapper's Reset album.

Stopping through XXL's Manhattan office earlier today (Oct. 26), Moneybagg described collaborations with J. Cole, Kodak Black, Future and Jeremih. Apparently, his J. Cole track, which is titled "Say Na," came about through mutual fandom and a chance encounter at an L.A. recording studio.

"He was on tour, we was in L.A., and he told me he wasn't supposed to have even been at the studio to that day," Moneybagg tells XXL. "But his homeboy ended up calling him to the studio. So he get to the studio, I'm coming out the hallway, we bump into each other. So I'm like, 'Yo, I'm working on my first album. It'll be good to have you a part of it.' He like, 'Forreal, I'm a big fan.'"

From there, Moneybagg, who notes that Cole liked his feature on Lil Baby's Too Hard track, "All of a Sudden," told the Dreamville rapper he wanted him to come through after he was done with his studio session. "He walked right in [to the studio] in less than three minutes and [was] like, 'Yo, pull something up, what you got?'" Moneybagg explained. What happened next surprised the Yo Gotti affiliate.

"[Cole] was like, 'This a good song, they gon' rock with it,' but that ain't what I'm looking for," Moneybagg recalls. "I want to come to your world.' So I got the trap J. Cole [laughs]."

Now, hearing the word "trap" in the same sentence as the name J. Cole might cause some to pause, but Cole actually tapped into some trap-influenced flows on his most recent album, KOD. So it looks like we'll be getting more of that soon.

As we said up top, the features don't end there. Back in September, Future jumped onto Moneybagg Yo's "Okay," which marked the first single from the CMG rapper's debut LP.

"I had reached out to [Future] and I was like, 'Yo, I need you on my first album,'" Moneybagg reveals. "[Future] was like, 'Yo, come fly to Miami, we can lock in,' and the rest was history."

Keeping things southern, Moneybagg tapped Kodak for a track called "Lower Level." "It's just touching the streets," Moneybagg says of the tune. "It's that struggle, hard feeling music."

Jumping into a smoother, R&B-tinged vibe, Moneybagg linked with Jeremih for a track produced by Hitmaka. "He actually recorded that song on his birthday," Moneybagg says of the track, which he feels will be a special one.

Reset will check in at 15 tracks, and it will mark Moneybagg's third project of 2018. Back in February, he dropped off his 2 Heartless project. Then, this past August, he unleashed his largely Tay Keith-produced EP, Bet on Me.

Fans can find out what else Moneybagg Yo has in store for Reset when the LP drops Nov. 2.

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