Mobb Deep were guest of Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) Radio's "Fireside Chat." There, the duo shared stories for a hour long interview reflecting on being in hip-hop for two decades. One particular story they share was how each other met in High School. "We was like a year in grade apart from each other" says Havoc.  "I would see Prodigy around, but I didn’t know him and he used to wear all this big jewelry like nothing short of a little Slick Rick, I kid you not. You could hear him coming down the hallway. I always used to be like, “Who the hell is that?” Word, it was crazy, just crazy. We had mutual friends, and we all became friends and then it just so happened he had the same interest that I had. It was rapping."

Prodigy gave also his accounts meeting Havoc for the first time "My first impression of Hav was, “Oh, son is wild.” He continues on saying "When I first met him he was in a fight outside of school. I was coming out of school, my man Black was supposed to introduce me to him. We were in photography class together. He was like “Yo, there’s another kid you’ve got to meet. He dope, he rap too. You should start a group, yo.” We went outside to meet and it was like a big fight outside the school so I go to look and Black like, “Oh, that’s Hav right there fighting!” Crazy situation, crazy situation.

You can listen to the full interview below.


[via RBMA]