Last week, Mistah F.A.B.'s Oakland, Calif. clothing store, Dope Era, sustained some serious damage after a fire broke out in an apparent of act of arson. Less than a week later, the store's been rebuilt thanks to a GoFundMe campaign, and F.A.B. uploaded videos of the refurbished storefront on Instagram.

"Operation bring back!!! The rebuild... thank you to my cousin @zeem52 and countless others who have contributed and are contributing to helping us restore the store The era is dope," F.A.B. captioned the video of the newly rebuilt store.

At the time of the arson, F.A.B., who recently spoke out against President Trump in a song, didn't even appear to be overly concerned with the store, which he described to the San Francisco Gate as a "pillar" of the community, because he was too busy thinking about the 11 children who lived in the apartments above his store. He vented about his concerns in an Instagram post he uploaded a short time after the fire.

"The burden of hatred burns eternally, and whatever a person does he/she will be held accountable for their actions.... the shop was burned this morning," the socially conscious Oakland legend wrote in the caption for one of the videos taken after the fire took place.

He continued, "In my mind I don't care about these clothes or shop. My biggest concern is there are children who live and families who live in this building so whatever a person's problem is was it worth you risking innocent people's lives ?????????? The era will forever be dope, Just know that!!!!!"

You can contribute to F.A.B.'s cause and keep the "era forever dope" by visiting his GoFundMe page here. You can peep videos of the store after the fire and subsequent rebuild in the Instagram posts below. We're wishing the Bay Area rapper all the best.

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