Mike Jones is finally creeping back into the music scene, and his latest comeback is in Kennedy Jones' new party anthem, "Club Goin." The veteran Southern rapper lays down a guest verse for the hyped up song, along with Riff Raff, who make sure that the night life keeps up the high energy.

The Dim Mak Records visuals show a party scene over the electronic-infused track, which was actually shot in Las Vegas. Throughout the colorful video, viewers will notice tons of different lights, a club located inside of a car, an iced-out disco ball moving statue, and tons of huge bottles of champagne to go around. We also see an appearance from Steve Aoki, who is a member of Dim Mak, himself.

While it's been awhile since we've heard from Jones as far as the hip-hop scene, this could serve as the warm-up for what is to come from him. The MC has been promoting a new album, Where Is Mike Jones?, since 2014, but unfortunately, fans have not been greeted with the complete project just yet.

XXL spoke with Jones in 2014, to which he talked about his Money Train movement, which would come before the album release.

"First, I’m going to drop this movement called the Money Train and the Money Train is just a train that got everybody that is about to make money. No bullshit, just straight making money and we all on the same path, full speed ahead. And that’s the mixtape where it’s going to introduce artists from the Money Train. Then after that comes, Where Is Mike Jones? hits you. It’s going to have some of the same stuff that was before but some of the people from the Money Train. It’s a gradual step," Jones told XXL.

Watch the new video for "Club Goin" below.

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