Mike Dean is one bad dude. The Houston producer is not only a monster when it comes to producing classics for other artists like Kanye West, UGK, Beyonce and Scarface, he's also more than capable of crafting his own composition without a vocalist. Today, we get to see Mike hit up the Moog Music Factory in Asheville, N.C. and create the new song, "Three Jewels."

The relationship between Mike and Moog has been nothing but a beneficial and growing one. So it's great to see the legend return to the home base, and five hours at that, to chat it up with the staff and come out with a new song. In a new video, Mike walks through the factory and is seen playing his new song while everyone else works on new equipment. One employee, Erika, exclaims in the video, "That bass! That bass!"

The soundtrack for the visual recap is "Three Jewels," the new song that comes with three movements, each swelling and shrinking in unique ways. Music nerds are sure to love watching Mike's musicality in playing the synth as well as controlling the effects on it. For those curious about the equipment Mike used, near the end of the video, it says that, "All sounds Minimoog Model D & Drummer from another mother." There's also a bonus ending when Mike does his best Van Halen impression.

It appears that the song will be officially released via M.W.A. Records, since what looks like the artwork for the song flashes at around the 4:24 mark.

You can watch the video for "Three Jewels" below.

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