Over the weekend fans of MF DOOM and Ghostface Killah were pleasantly surprised to learn a new record from the duo entitled, “Victory Laps (Madvillain Remix),” leaked online and on radio, seemingly out of nowhere. XXLMag.com dialed up Devin Horwitz of Nature Sounds Records, DOOM’s partners with his own label, Metalface Records, to find out what the song signifies about the MC’s long delayed collaborative album.

According to Horwitz, five years since the two first announced joining forces, they have finally reconnected, and are currently prepping the release an LP for sometime very soon under the guise DOOMSTARKS. “The guys regrouped just this year and really started fine tuning and really trying to hone it in to make this thing a reality,” Horowitz told XXL. “I think just recently it really clicked for both of them what this project could be and how important it was really for the fans.”

Apparently most of the material for the project is already complete. The first record from the as-yet-untitled album (it is uncertain if it will still be called Swift & Changeable as initially intended), will be the original version of “Victory Laps,” which is set to come out next week. On July 26, both the original and remix of the song will be available on iTunes along with instrumentals from both versions.

Horwitz says that although the disc is as a collaborative effort, DOOM is responsible for overseeing everything, as well as producing all of the tracks. But not to worry, Ghost will appear almost every song on the album, except for one or two cuts.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more information on DOOMSTARKS. —Jesse Gissen