Metro Boomin is a busy guy. The Georgia-based super producer is known for his catalog of hits with everyone from Young Thug to Future to Kanye West. He was on deck at SXSW 2016 when Nardwuar pulled up on the kid to discuss his new project with Sleepy Brown and how 2Pac influenced him.

During their entertaining discussion, Metro revealed that he will be building a bridge between old and new Atlanta artists. “I fuck with a lot of the OG’s in Atlanta, you know what I’m saying? Metro told Nardwuar. “Just like I was just with Organized Noize, you know Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown. I’m about to have Sleepy Brown sing on a bunch of tracks,” he said. “I feel like our generation needs to be exposed to a lot of that and just know it’s a lot more.”

Metro, originally from St. Louis, also touched on the influence of Nelly and one his icons 2Pac. "Pac was real. He put everything into that music, the passion, the creativity and the drive, I feel that is the same within myself."

The conversation went from music to politics when Nardwuar brought up Ben Carson getting asked what happens when Young Metro don't trust you. "When I seen that, I was like 'this is too crazy,'" said the super producer. "I mean Ben Carson is running for president and they asking him about Young Metro's trust," he said. "I was more so wondering how Complex was talking to Ben Carson."

They also touched on the false hashtag #youngmetrotrump rally. Metro may trust Nardwuar but he certainly doesn't trust Trump. Peep the full interview above.

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